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Fixed Floretting Machine

Fixed Floretting Machine

The Delecroix fixed floretting machine is a versatile machine designed for transforming cauliflower, broccoli, and romanesco into florets. Also known as a cauliflower corer, this machine offers reliable and efficient performance for producers.

The floretting machine operates on electricity, ensuring a clean and environmentally friendly operation. Delecroix floretting machine can achieve a speed of up to 150 heads per minute in cauliflower, offering exceptional productivity

Moreover, the Delecroix fixed floretting machine allows for changing the vegetable to be processed by simply changing the cutting head, providing great flexibility in use.

The Delecroix fixed floretting machine is the ideal solution for producers seeking an efficient, versatile, and environmentally friendly machine.

Simple maintenance of the parer: regular inspection of cutting blades, lubrication of operating mechanisms, checking the electric motor.

At Delecroix, we are committed to providing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. The Delecroix fixed parer is designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of performance and quality.

Overall length 4.50m
overall height 2.00m
Loading height 0.90m
Flower exit height 0.60m +/- 0.10m
Waste outlet height 0.80m +/- 0.10m
Useful length of the feed ramp 2.50m
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