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Delecroix Harvesting offers a tailor-made range of vegetable trailers, harvesting belts, trimmers and stationary and mobile, and also offers a range of spare parts. Our companions come from the agricultural world and thus understand very well the expectations of our distributors and producers of fruit and vegetables. This knowledge enables them to manufacture innovative, reliable and sustainable harvesting equipment. Our machines are therefore "100% made in Hauts-de-France"!

Our mission is to provide solutions that deliver three benefits:

1. High yield of harvest time which divides by three the number of pickers or collectors.

2. Optimal reduction of the arduous work of the harvesters.

3. Respect for the harvested product.

We are aware of the high demands of manufacturers and consumers, and that is why we make sure to provide tailor-made, quality equipment. With more than 15 years of experience, our materials meet the needs of our producers throughout Europe and the world: Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Korea and more.

Our commitment: Respecting deadlines is harvest day! We are committed to establishing a schedule that respects the deadlines agreed with our customers. we also take into account the handling time for each material.


tapis le météor

Innovation is an integral part of Delecroix's DNA. The creation of the company was motivated by the challenge launched by a European leader in Agri-food.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The result is the creation of a revolutionary agricultural harvesting machine helping to transform broccoli and then cauliflower into florets. This patented machine was the start of a succession of innovations and machine creations aimed at revolutionizing the practices of farmers in France and in Europe.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Very close to our customers, we listen to the needs of producers and redouble our efforts to go further in innovation. A team of experts works continuously in research and development to design new innovations.


40% of our turnover is generated by exports. At Delecroix Harvesting, we distribute our vegetable trailers and conveyor belts in Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, but also more recently in the Maghreb, Korea and Russia among others. The mechanization of harvesting and the improvement of working conditions in the fields are now eagerly awaited by harvesting producers.

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Each production requires specific adaptations to perfect the mechanization and ergonomics of the harvester station. Delecroix Harvesting is committed to developing tailor-made solutions for all types of crops (squash, melons, salads, flowers, cauliflower, oysters, etc.). Since 1998, our notoriety has been forged thanks to our ability to adapt and to be as close as possible to the expectations of the producer.




Launch of the production of fixed 2-sided harvesting belts

Start of activity


Champs de la ferme


Since 2006, 600 trailers and harvest belts have been manufactured and distributed in Europe

Made in France

Our equipment is manufactured by companions from the agricultural world


This is the average time to amortize your investment thanks to mechanization

+ 100%

Delecroix Harvesting has doubled its turnover over the past 3 years


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