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Mobile Floretting Machine

Mobile Floretting Machine

The Delecroix mobile floretting machine is a versatile machine that allows the harvesting of cauliflower, broccoli and romanesco cabbage florets.


Key features:

  • Minimization of waste and clean energy (electric)
  • Output of our mobile floretting machines: up to 150 heads/min for cauliflowers
  • Lightweight machine
  • Change of the harvested vegetable by simply changing the cutting head.

We are european and french leader concerning cauliflowers and broccolis mobile floretting machines.

24 Boxes (1000x1200) 6 tons of florets, 24 boxes (2 floors) 2 (bogie)
16 boxes (1000x1200) 4 tons of florets, 16 boxes (2 floors) 1 (director)
Hopper 6 tons of florets 2 (bogie)
Box holder 10 tons of florets 2 (bogie) or 3 (tridem)
Box holder and hydraulic arm 10 tons of florets 2 (bogie) or 3 (tridem)
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