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Side conveyor belt onto trailer

Side conveyor belt onto trailer

The Delecroix side harvesting belt is designed for multi-vegetable harvesting. It fits on a trailer that you have in your farm and will allow you to harvest cabbage, zucchini, broccoli, butternut, salads and other vegetables ...will allow you to harvest cabbage, zucchini, broccoli, butternuts, salads and other vegetables...


This model has a useful length from 6 to 12 meters and folds down along the trailer (adapted to the road gauge, i.e. 2.50 meters wide including the trailer). The belt is equipped with a modular mesh band to guarantee the quality of the harvested product.


The side harvesting belt is the most economical harvesting solution we offer.


You have a trailer and wish to adapt a harvesting belt on it? Our design office will study the project!

It will allow you to gain in productivity while improving the working conditions of the harvesters.


At Delecroix, our motto is to be able to offer you the most adapted solution to your needs. This is why our harvesting belt is modular, adjusted to your working method.

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