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Delecroix harvesting belt

Cauliflower harvesting with the Delecroix conveyor belt carried on a vegetable trailer. Filmed by our producer "Prince de Bretagne" in 2019.

Salad harvest with our Delecroix conveyor on a vegetable trailer with a tailor-made packing table. 
Video produced by Adrien and Vincent Corre.

Delecroix harvesting belt.
Video filmed at Mr. Degand’s home.

Delecroix harvesting belt carried on current trailer. Video recorded by our partner dealer Autran & Mab in M. Barré's field.

Zucchini harvesting with a double Delecroix conveyor belt (2 x 11m ≈ 36 ft) carried on a vegetable trailer. And an option adding a aliminum roller conveyor.

Equipement exported to Switzerland with our partner dealer Gerber. 

Harvesting in palox with a ground trailer & a 9 m (≈ 30 ft) Delecroix conveyor belt.

Video taken by our producers in Marne.

Cabbage harvesting with a Delecroix conveyor belt at Bourre's farm.

Zucchini harvest at Mr Flandrin.

And visit from Irish producer Colin Ryan to discover Delecroix equipment.

Récolte de salades chez Benjamin Michel.

Tapis Hydraulique et Remorque


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