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From professional rider to boilermaker, Louis-Arthur Blandin seized the ball

Article published in "La Voix du Nord" on 21/05/2021

written by Amélie Vermeulen

The metalworking trades are recruiting. A professional rider for more than ten years, Louis-Arthur Blandin has chosen to retrain: here he is today a boilermaker at the Company Delecroix, in Bailleul, with a permanent contract in his pocket and the promise of professional development.

Louis-Arthur Blandin (to the right) joined the workforce of Delecroix last year. PHOTO MARC DEMEURE - VDNPQR

When he opened his stable in Houtkerque, he promised himself not to spare his efforts to live fully from his passion. Louis-Arthur Blandin was then only 24 years old, but years of riding to his credit. "I was born in this environment, I've been riding since I was three years old, I didn't see myself doing anything else," says the adopted Fleming.

But aspirations change with age and ten years later, "a little guy pointed his nose," smiled Louis-Arthur. I wanted to enjoy him but to be a rider is to work seven days a week, weekends and holidays included. I felt it was time to change. »

« After a year, we welcome him with open arms, especially since the company is destined to expand »

Change, but to do what? It wasn’t necessarily obvious. The young dad embarked on a boilermaker training, tailor-made by the CCFI and Proch’emploi ( to meet the needs of companies which, for their part, are struggling to find labor (read elsewhere). "These trainings are a real plus for us, it allows us to see if the person fits the company well," explains Bertrand Denhaene, industrial director at Delecroix, specializing in agricultural harvesting equipment.( At the end of a year, we welcome him with open arms, especially as the company aims to grow. We're 21 now, hoping to be around 25 to 30 in a year or two. "

« we are looking for people who want to be there »

Louis-Arthur Blandin officially joined the workforce last year, with a permanent contract signed in the fall. “I transform the sheet, to which I can give any shape. It's bending, cutting, welding, ”explains the boilermaker. “Now that we have it, we will not let it go,” jokes Bertrand Denhaene, who sees him as a future foreman. However, Louis-Arthur did not have any particular knowledge in the field. “But I've always been manual. "What interests me is to see if the person is a handyman. We look first for motivated people, people who want to be there. We can teach them the rest, ”says Bertrand Denhaene.

Louis-Arthur does not regret having changed lanes. “I am proud to have dared. Today I'm in the factory during the day and in the evening at home, plus I'm on the weekend on Friday at 4 p.m., which gives me time to enjoy my own. "

Training courses to meet the needs of companies

After an initial training of boilermakers, Proch emploi and the community of municipalities of Inner Flanders (CCFI) launched a new session, this time to recruit welders ( A job dating took place at the end of April at the CCFI premises in Hazebrouck to select 13 candidates. The latter began training on May 3 at the AFPA premises, which will end with a work placement in June-July. "This training will give them the basics and then we will hire them on a work-study basis for a year to continue the course," explains Jimmy Belot, director of the grouping of metallurgy entrepreneurs (GEIQ).

You should know that employers are primarily looking for motivated people. "It is very difficult today to find good candidates," remarks Jérémy Six, head of Etablissements Six, in Steenvoorde. We have reviewed our requirements, what we are looking for are candidates with good interpersonal skills and courage. "

A new training session should be conducted at the start of the school year to recruit, this time, a dozen ironworkers.

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