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Butternut Harvest: Cut Your Costs in Half and Maximize Quality

🌱 Discover how an innovation cuts butternut harvest time in half while preserving quality!

Imagine a machine that not only speeds up the butternut harvest but also ensures superior quality. This machine exists, and it's a harvest conveyor belt also called harvesting aids.

Thanks to this machine, the harvest time can be reduced by up to half. ⏱️

How does it work?

Where in most productions, vegetables are first cut and placed in windrows in a first pass and then harvested in a second pass.

Here, with the harvest conveyor belt, pickers cut the butternuts and place them directly on the belt. The conveyor then sends the vegetables to the trailer, where they are deposited in crates. Unnecessary trampling and handling are therefore eliminated.

This increased productivity allows for labor savings. You can even reduce your labor costs by up to half. 💰

As for quality, the modular band of the conveyor is fully customizable (spacing and height of the cleats, containment edges, etc.), ensuring perfect retention of the butternuts until they reach the crates.

Cherry on top 🍒🍰

The harvest mat is eligible for subsidies depending on your country (feel free to contact the agricultural departement of your country for more information).

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