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The construction of our new factory in Bailleul is progressing!

Article published in La Voix du Nord on 11/24/2019

written by Morgane Carlier

The Delecroix company, specializing in agricultural harvesting equipment and based in Blaringhem, is preparing its move to Bailleul, in La Verte Rue Business park. A new, more spacious factory is currently under construction and is expected to accommodate the company in early 2020.

Morgane Carlier | 11/24/2019

Construction work on the new Delecroix plant is expected to be completed in February 2020.

The objective of this move is simple: to provide the company with more space to support its development. With a turnover that has doubled since it was taken over in 2011 by Jean-François Toubeaux (see below), Delecroix is starting to be cramped in its 1,200m² factory in Blaringhem.

The new building, built on an area of one hectare, will house 2,000 m² of workshops and 300 m² of offices.

Work began at the end of June and construction is already well advanced. The plant is expected to be completed by February 2020, when the company can move out. "We are proud to be industrial and to build a factory in our territory, that does not happen every day", commented the CEO.

Christophe Lamblin, Pascal Codron from CCFI, François Motte from Sofie, Bertrand Denhaene and Jean-François Toubeaux laid the “first stone”.

Objective: to double production

The building is divided into three production bays, where five overhead cranes, a paint booth and a laundry room with zero discharge station will be installed. The design of the place, entrusted to CG2i, was carried out with the participation of the employees, in particular to imagine the ideal circuit of the machine manufacturing process. "This plant is making progress in terms of employee safety, the environment and insulation," said Jean-François Toubeaux. The construction of the site is expected to cost 2.250 million euros, to which is added an investment of 500,000 € for the machinery. The company relied in particular on BPI and Bail Actéa for financing.

« We need talent and we will be better placed in this area to attract them »

With this new factory, Delecroix aims to double its production and turnover, increase its share in exports and increase to 25 employees within five years. The choice to set up in Bailleul has also been carefully considered in this way : "We need talent and we will be better placed in this area to attract them", explains Jean-François Toubeaux, who wants to see his company " grow internally while remaining on a human scale ”. The proximity of the A25 indeed allows easy access from Lille and Dunkirk. And if production were to increase exponentially, it would be possible to carry out an extension of the building.


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